Soul Expression/Commissioned Art captures a snapshot of your soul at this time. As each Soul is unique, so is your drawing. Using a combination of Colors, symbolizing color rays, which are chosen specifically for your Soul at this time, there are more than 27 Rays of color associated with healing, each color having a specific meaning. These drawings are a great meditation tool for you when used in conjunction with the Ray of Color prayer which is included.

A PERSONAL LETTER from Jesus accompanies your drawing. This is and can be very specific regarding your soul, the life you are leading and circumstances surrounding it. He always seems to know what you need to hear. Tarot and Oracle cards are used for additional information gateways and can be quite useful in assisting or verification with an interpretation.

The name(s) and a bit of information regarding the Deities; Arch Angel; or Ascended Master that participated in your Channeling will be included, because as we all know "there is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance." and that quote was from Buddha.

Artist reserves the right to make prints from all commissioned Original work, which has been archived. THE ORIGINAL 9" X 12" ART IS YOURS and is sent unmated.

FEE $150.00 us

Art is subject to copy rights and cannot be reproduced. All rights reserved.

Price includes Shipping and Handling

7 to 14 day delivery

Birth name, city and date are required, all information is kept confidential. Contact parpartart@gmail.comsubject Commissioned Art, with additional questions.