Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with a Mother who felt outside is where children were meant to be, I spent my childhood roaming the countryside on an old bike exploring nature at every turn.  Those were happy times. Each of us are given opportunities to find happiness in our lives, and yet, as we age it can seem harder to find those child like feelings of joy within.  

 My soul was searching for something and I was unsure of exactly what it was.  I began looking into conventional an unconventional Spirituality and eventually found a wonderful  Spiritual Woman who told me I would,  "Access the Universal Language of Light and bring in each Soul spirit; rays of color and Soul symbols to heal and awaken individuals".  It  all seems common place now and comes quite easily, and so it is time, the Heavens have asked me to give a little back.  According to words from above, "to make a modest attempt at saving Souls".

So I present to you,  Parpart  Art and the availability for you to Commission your own Soul Art  Expression package or purchase an Original Soul Art Print.

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